Carly Le Restaurant was launched in Dallas, Texas in 2000 by Rusell Huber. The goal was to promote good food by offering authentic French cuisine in a simple and relaxing setting. The mission is to provide food that nourishes the entire being and to make eating an enjoyable experience. At Carly Le Restaurant, everyone believes that:

Food is for eating, and good food is to be enjoyed…

I think food is, actually, very beautiful in itself.

-Delia Smith

The Carly Le Restaurant team is composed of like-minded individuals who embrace the establishment’s mission and goal. They work together cohesively and complement each other so that customers’ needs are always met – satisfactorily. Carly’s chefs are some of the best, not only in French cuisine but in every cooking journey you would want to try. They have the professional experience and training needed to ensure that only authentic and satisfying French cuisine is produced by the restaurant.

Carly Le Restaurant’s chefs know what French diners want – and they give this by offering 100% of their time, expertise, and knowledge. Likewise, only the best and freshest ingredients are used, and traditional French cooking methods are followed.

From time-to-time, the chefs like to experiment and introduce something new. These, however, are based on recipes handed down from generation-to-generation and given a modern and personal twist. These are the culinary offerings that make Carly Le Restaurant stand out. It creates its identity through the dishes it serves its customers. Everything has a certain Carly Le Restaurant touch.

At Carly Le Restaurant, every dining experience is a wonderful adventure!