Top 4 Tips to Follow if You Want to Enjoy French Dishes

French cuisine is one of the most distinctive and creative in the world. Although its earliest recipes had Italian influences, two chefs started re-creating French cuisine sometime in the 17th century. Eventually, it developed its identity by incorporating regional flavors. Two of the most popular factors of French cuisine are wine and cheese. For those who love French dishes, enjoying every dining experience comes naturally. But for those who have yet to get used to its distinct taste (and dining style), some tips can be followed to help make the French cuisine dining experience memorable and enjoyable.

French cuisine has to be savored.

Enjoy your French dining experience. Every meal should be taken slowly. Do not rush or eat too fast. You have to savor every bite and taste all the flavors. The French consider every meal a relaxing experience. Your usual five-minute meal should be stretched if you are to enjoy French cuisine.

Bread should be eaten properly.

If you get a piece of bread, place it on the table or a small plate beside your plate. In addition to this, if you are served a loaf of bread, do not position it upside down on the table as this will invite bad luck.

Observe proper etiquette when eating.

No, you don’t have to be Ms. Prim and Proper, but you do have to follow some French dining basics. First off, as soon as you are seated, place your table napkin on your lap. Second, do not order soft drinks or soda as the French do not consider such beverages as complementary to a good meal. Additionally, do not ask for ice to be added to your drink as the French do not do this. Third, do not touch your food with your hand while dining. Lastly, once the wine is opened, be courteous and ask your companions first if they want wine. Pour some on your glass after you have served them.

Eat everything on your plate.

In all instances, do not leave a single bit of food on your plate unless you want people to know you did not like how the food was cooked or served, or that you did not like the quality of the dishes you had

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